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wtf, helena?
23 May 2009 @ 05:12 pm
My Internet is determined to stay wonky forever. Bah.

Funny thing, though, is we've found a method to its madness: if we turn on the tv, the net goes poof. WTF. Cable company (they provide both the Internet and the tv services) are still as unhelpful as ever. It is mildly entertaining though, in a "WHO FLUSHED THE TOILET WHEN I WAS IN THE SHOWER!!!????" way. It's also fantastic to force the girlfriend to sit down and watch House with me instead of being online: you just turn on the tv, and there will be no online-ing for anyone until the show is over. Not so awesome when she uses it to make me sit through Grey's Anatomy, though.

But funny times aside, I want my Internetz back. Now. And I want someone to explain to me why the tv is eating my Internet. My mental image is the big bad tv going "ALL UR ELECTRICITIES ARE BELONG TO ME, U FUCKER" and the poor little router saying "ohpleaseohpleasedon'tkillmema'amherehavemyelectricities". But I'm sure the real explanation is much more boring, like "oh the (technical noun) is doing (technical verb) to the (technical noun) and so you have a (name of technical fuckery) going on. No biggie". Meh.

In other news, in the little online time I have, I saw this: takemysim. And it is awesome and you should join ASAP. It's sims! And you can take them! What's there not to like?
wtf, helena?
16 May 2009 @ 12:50 am
I've finally learned how to extract sims, and I figured I'd share the Wischnias in case anyone would like to have them in their game :D

Adopt A Wischnia!Collapse )
wtf, helena?
16 May 2009 @ 12:13 am
So. My internet is wonky. It randomly stops working, and then it comes back, and then it works but it's really slow, and then it stops working again. This has been going on for five days, and I'm slowly going insane.

I called my ISP three (THREE!) times, and they have been completely and utterly unhelpful every single time. I got "I can't help you if it's working at the moment, try calling when it stops", "Try resetting your modem. Oh, you've already tried?" and "If you have a router installed I can't help you because the router is not from our company". If you heard a blood-curling scream that sounded vaguely like "FFFFFFFFFFFFAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACK THIS SHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEET!!!!!" coming from the general direction of Spain... that was me. Or the girlfriend. Either way, it came from this house.

So I'm ridiculously behind on reading legacies and posting mine (I'm terrified of typing everything and then not being able to post it). But it seems to be working now, so I'll give it a try! Also, I've extracted my first two sims (Clem and Suzie) and will try to upload them.

Send working-internet vibes my way, please!