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29 June 2009 @ 03:13 am
The Wischnia Legacy 3.1  

Warning: some language, censored nudity, 100+ jpgs

Previously in the Wischnia legacy Clem died (NOOOOO!), Indigo demonstrated just how a boycrush is done, Ani didn't disappoint and became another gay Wischnia girl, Grey didn't get over how much he hated Jett, Mangus developed an inappropriate crush on Jackie, and Jett waited patiently in the student bin for his siblings to get to college.

And now... college time!

Jett: I bet mom's proud of me. I bet she's thinking about how much I'm gonna learn, how many experiences I'm gonna live...
Jackie: So many memories... boobs... nakey ladies... more boobs... sexy times...

Jett has apparently decided he will never grow up in non-ridiculous clothes and hair.

So freaking adorable! I couldn't find any actual superhero clothes for our future Captain Hero, so I decided the ninja outfit would do.

But not even a ninja can escape the wrath of the personal trainer.

This is just to show how gleeful my boy looks while playing guitar. Jackie sure has strong genes.

And this is his face when I took him to a community lot to celebrate his first A+. There are about 100 different happy expressions on his face right now. You just can't see them, because they're ~ninja expressions~.

At the community lot, Jett meets a nice girl from the secret society...

... and also sees his cousin Alejandra, Kate's oldest daughter. She's... unfortunate-looking. But I love her anyway.

Ahh... now it feels like college!

And here we have Valerie, who went to college as per Jett's request. She's really cute, and has purple eyes. I like her for my boy.

And, after another A+, it was time for the twins to join Jett in college!


Fashion sense: the Wischnias don't have it.

You know how Grey and Jett hate each other? And you know how it's been like that forever? Well...

I swear I had nothing to do with this. It was all the game. I think I love Maxis right now.

And so, Grey gets the evil ninja outfit, to match his nemesis big bro.

Indigo didn't get a before picture (gadwin ate it), but look at him! So cute!

As well as being cute, Indigo kicks ass at rock-paper-scissors.

And here we have proof of the fact that if you're a slob, it's a good thing to have a net-freak twin.

Field trip time!

Jett: Hee you grew up on plaid shorts!
Grey: *rages*

But that's not all there is to this scene...

Indigo: ♪♪I'm a single lady, I'm a single lady...♪♪

After a bit of friendly banter with his brother, Jett meets his second secret society member.

And Grey... dances like nobody's watching.


As revenge, Grey renders Jett's testicles unusable. That... made me clench my legs shut, and I don't even have the right parts.

Also at the Student Union was Alejandra's twin, Nicolas, who is still being called Spock around here.

Back at home, Grey kicks Jett's ass once again...

And Kevin and Indigo make love, not war.


But let me just zoom in for a second...

Yeah, she can handcuff and kidnap me any time she wants. Any time.

Also, why is the prettiest sim in my game a driver with whom I can't interact? Bah.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how the Landgraab Secret Society changed its name to the Jett Wischnia Secret Fanclub.

Sharing beds: a Wischnia tradition.

The Wischnia boys demonstrate how to really be a rockstar's son.

This is just to show off the prettiest child of the third generation: Daniela. She's Kate's youngest daughter, and she's just gorgeous. She looks just like Clem, except she has Suzie's eyes and her mother's hair. I love this girl.

And, after Jett and the twins get another round of A+ reports and become Junior and Sophomores, respectively, it's time to welcome...

Fashion-impaired Ani Wischnia! With flame pants and everything!

But, as much as I loved the flame pants, Ani needed a makeover that'd suit a future adventurer:

Why hello there, Miss Wischnia!

But Ani was not the only new addition to the dorm:

Meet Tim! He's Indigo's pet, and a celebration of the fact that I finally installed pets! w00t!

As you can see, Jett's musical glee grows exponentially as years go by.

Ani: So, Jett, I hear Grey scrambled your eggs, if you know what I mean :D

Jett: OMG who told you!? D:

Indigo really loves little Tim.

Ani has the best facial expressions. The best.

All hell breaks loose, a study:


Ani: How the FUCK dare you buzz me, you fucker? HOW DARE YOU. HOW. *pokes*

Ani: OMG, CafeteriaMan, my brother is such a jerkface, seriously.
Grey: CafeteriaMan, my sister is SO annoying. GOSH.

These three fights happened literally one after another.

And this is the end of our study. From this moment on, hell is officially loose for the duration of their college years.

But wait! See that fangirl Jackie got herself? Let's zoom in:

Red eyes? New hair color? PRETTIFUL face? Check!

Apparently, aging Jill up to match Jackie didn't mean she left her job as SimState's resident streaker. Unfortunately, Jett was in class and didn't get to see his other mother doing the nakey hula around the dorm. It would have been EPIC.

By the way, Ani shares my feelings on Katy.

Ani: HEEE Grey was right, this is fun!

Luckily for everyone, they had to leave for their final exam, so we didn't get to see another meltdown.

My game thinks this is funny. My heart? Not so much.

Anyway, down at University Way, everyone chose their own activity:

Grey chatted up invisible girls...

...Indigo fought virtual battles...

...and Jett and Ani fought real ones.

Ani didn't want Grey to feel left out.

Yeah. She's hardcore.

We interrupt this chain of violence to bring you the cuteness that's Jett and Valerie.

And back to the violence!

Ani: Sociable? Oh, totally! I'm really sociable, I talk to everyone, I like meeting new people...
Grey: *cracks knuckles* Just you wait, Ani. I'll get my revenge.

That... doesn't seem safe.

It's one thing to regularly beat up your brothers, but cheating at chess? Cheating is SHOCKING to Ani. Shocking, I tell you!

Violence. There's never too much violence.

Just look at him. He's the sim version of :D

These two keep doing their thing.

And Ani gets the girl!

Indigo: *is oblivious to boobage inches away from him*

More violence! Yes!

But there's not only violence around here...

We also have unsettling displays of adorableness!

Meet Pancho, Grey's parrot. Named after my Aunt Laura's awesome parrot, famous among the girls in the family for singing "Wannabe" like a pro.

I... guess she got it from Jett's mom?

Oh, come on Katy, don't play innocent now.


Poor Jett.

Again, poor Jett.

Indigo and Kevin have a PSA for you: Love is cuter than war. For serious.

See? ADORABLE *pinches cheeks*

And then, it was time for Jett to graduate, so we threw him a party and he invited Jackie and Valerie.

Valerie: Nice to meet you, Mrs. Wischnia.
Jackie: Oh please, Mrs. Wischnia were my mothers, call me Jackie *rawr*

If these two end up in bed together, it'll be Jett's fault for being stupid enough to introduce a girl to his mother. It's Jackie Wischnia, Jett! What were you expecting!?

Ani decides to give Jett one last ass-kicking before he leaves.

This is what roof-raisers are made of, if you ask me.

Aw, he took his picture with Val! &hearts

Jett: Well, it's time to go! Bye, Ani, I hope we can put our silly childish rivalry to rest now that we're both adults and-
Ani: FUCK. YOU. rightintheass. *rages*

With Jett back home, the kids had to find new ways to entertain themselves.

Grey: *gasp* I can't believe she'd poke me like that. I just... I can't believe it :(
Ani: Hey Indigo look behind you! LOOK BEHIND YOU!

She has enough badassery for everyone.

And what's better after a refreshing water balloon fight than a real fight? Nothing. That's what.

Katy and Grey are really enjoying the result of Indigo's want to get a bar.

Ani wins at showing her evilness through her facial expressions.

And our resident gay couple wins at being utterly adorable.

Hang in there, Grey. Only a few more hours till you graduate.

How did she even have the time with all the fighting? I have no idea.

Ani: My next novel is going to be about this cafeteria worker that kicks asses just as easily as she makes mac-n-cheese. This is me in research mode.

Proving once again that he's Suzie's clone, Indigo manages to engage Ani in non-violent activities.

Ani: YEAH! Bite the dust, Bowser, you little shit!

...oh, well.


Because, when Jackie and Ani are involved? Even eating cereal is a party.

Aww you guys! Twin picture! *sniff* I'm so proud of my boys.

Grey: Ah, freedom. Adult life, far from that psycho bitch of a sister...
Ani: Two more semesters, fucker. Just you wait till I graduate. *evil eye*

Indigo and Kevin: bringing adorable to a whole new level.

Proof that parties are better when only the gay ones are invited.

In a surprising (and slightly disappointing) move, Indigo chooses Ani instead of Kev for his graduation picture.

Ani: Bye, big bro! Have fun being an adult! Give my best to Kev! Have cute children! And visit me! :D

I think we all know who the most loved sibling is.

There's maxing out your creativity skill, and then there's maxing out your creativity AND badassery skills all at once.

But she has just a smidge of sweetness in her. Enough to keep Katy happy.

Once again, from the top: Ani has the best facial expressions ever.

GRADUATION TIME!! (finallyfinallyfinallyfinally)

Jackie: Heyy, good lookin'!
Mangus: *lusts after Jackie*
Katy: Did my future mother-in-law just try to pick me up?

Oh, this is gonna be fun.

College is over! Yay! Ani picks Katy for an adorable picture, and then decides to do it the Wischnia way and grows up in some hideous clothes.

And now, for a final recap of the college years...

We can pretend I let them fight for the right to be heir.

Or I can just tell the truth and say Ani got the badassery, the facial expressions and the lesbionic potential in her favor, and that was more than enough for me :P

And with that, we leave the Wischnias for now!

Will I ever recover from playing a bunch of college years without cheating? Will every Wischnia girl be straight now that I've decided to make this a lesbionic legacy? Will Katy's red eyes be passed on to the next generation?

We'll find out in the next update!

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maquekenziemaquekenzie on June 29th, 2009 07:34 pm (UTC)
Indigo is sooooooooo adorable XD I loved him so much in this update.

And woo! Go Ani! Of course, I was rooting for both her and Jett, and I really started loving Grey in this update, so I would be happy with any of them.

And Jett's mom coming back to streak was fantastic.